Colombo SLIATE HND Selected List 2021

Colombo SLIATE 2020 Selected List - Full Time Courses (Z-Score Based)
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Colombo SLIATE ATI HND Selected List for Full Time Courses – 2020

View : Selection Test Results Released – SLIATE HND 2020(2021)

New Admission – 2020 Selected List

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HND in Engineering – Civil

Interview Date: 29.03.2021
List : HNDCE
HND in Electrical Engineering
Interview Date: 30.03.2021
List : HNDEE
HND in Mechanical Engineering
Interview Date: 31.03.2021
List : HND-ME
HND in Quantity Surveying (HNDQS)
Interview Date: 01.04.2021
List : HNDQS
HND in Building Services Engineering
Interview Date: 01.04.2021
List : HND – BSE